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Posted By: Bat Goddess
02-Sep-10 - 09:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon: Starting Voice Restoration
Subject: BS: Curmudgeon: Starting Voice Restoration
Okay, yesterday morning I reported on the Michael Douglas thread Michael Douglas Post that Tom was on his way to Boston to meet with the anesthesiologist at Mass General and then with Dr. Zeitels to set up the first procedure to give Tom some more vocal volume.

He survived the day (and Boston without me, not that I would have made any difference -- well, maybe; my voice is a LOT louder than his right now) and is set for a procedure next Tuesday morning, September 7, at Mass General. We should be safely ensconsed at the Holiday Inn Beacon Hill later in the day and home sometime on Wednesday.

The anesthesiologist figures Tom's in fine shape -- heck of a lot better than last February when he was still waiting to get his defibrillator's antique battery swapped out, so Dr. Z will start with the preferred first procedure which needs to be done under general anesthesia, but as day surgery. In this procedure, Dr. Z will remove some of Tom's tummy fat and inject it into the area where his right vocal cord used to be -- stuffing in absolutely as much as he can because some will be reabsorbed by the body. He's trying to close the gap between Tom's cords so the intact left vocal cord can work with tissue on the other side and Tom will have a real voice.

So today Tom is off having blood work, he's faxed the papers to his cardiologist but needs to follow up on that this afternoon to make sure they get to Dr. Z's in a timely fashion, and needs to make our hotel and train arrangements, etcet etcet.

We COULD take a very early train and get to Mass General by 8 a.m., but yesterday's train was 25 minutes late at Durham because of the heat (train, I guess, has to slow down if it's too hot) and 45 minutes late by North Station. Tom has to talk to Amtrak and decide whether we need to go to Boston Monday afternoon after I get out of work (yes, I have to work on Labor Day) and spend another night we can't really afford at the hotel.

But it's finally starting! It's been a couple days shy of a year since Tom's biopsy when the surgeon looked at me and said, "Squamous cell carcinoma of the vocal cords."

I firmly believe that between Tom's determination, Dr. Zeitels' skill, the prayers and good wishes of the Mudcat and local music community and the fact that I DO believe in miracles, Tom will have a voice again.