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Posted By: Teribus
24-Aug-10 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: So little empathy for Pakistan?
Subject: RE: BS: So little empathy for Pakistan?
Er - just who bombed Afghanistan back into the stone age? - Richard Bridge

Not the armed Forces of the United States of America, Richard, maybe you should check

The towns and major population centres in the North of the country - try Messers Haqqani when they were busily ethnically cleansing the Tajiks and Uzbeks for their Taleban masters

West of the country and Kabul that would be Gulbuddin Hekmatyar (Although in the case of Kabul he was assisted by Haqqani)

The South was down to the Soviets who when they were faced with a problem in Kandahar surrounded the city with artillery and armour, using those assets plus air power to pounded it and its population for a month

The East was down to Ahmed Rashid Dostum on behalf of the Najibullah Government and their Soviet bosses.

Now then Richard what is it you claim the US Military did, and when do you reckon they did it (Back to the "Stone-Age" you say?).

When the BBC's John Simpson entered Kabul he commented that this is what Berlin must have been like in May 1945. Please correct me if I am in error here but the USA lost interest in Afghanistan when the Soviets left, and did not show any sign of interest in the place until Clinton rather ineffectually fired six cruise-missiles at Al-Qaeda camps in 1998.

In response to 9/11 when GWB gave assistance to the Northern Alliance in their ongoing civil war with the Taleban, US air power was specifically targetted at command and control centres and frontline positions as requested by Northern Alliance Commanders.