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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
24-Aug-10 - 10:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mudcat 10 commandments
Subject: RE: BS: The Mudcat 10 commandments

I AM the heart and soul within you, You shall not imitate other player's licks, or singer's voices, thinking they are better than your heart!

You shall not sing from your heart in vain, nor in vanity.

You shall not make yourself an idol, in your own eyes, nor for anyone else.

You shall not bear false witness to how much you know about anything, therefore blocking new input.

You shall take breaks, and use that time to focus, and not ask people 'Did you like it?' (Besides, you might want to give the audience a break, from putting up with you, for not obeying the first three!)

Honor sound, and your tunings. You can always tell a 'purist', they're always out of tune! It shows arrogance. (See 1, 2, and 3).

Thou shall not murder your partners, by drowning them out! BLEND!! Nor shall you be suicidal, and proud of it!

Thou shall not commit adultery, or wish for it, as a reward for a good gig. When you have that much to learn, your music isn't saying much from the heart! (See 1,2,and 3.)

Thou shall not steal licks, and then announce A 'NEW ORIGINAL SONG' you just wrote. If stealing is in your heart, please don't play, or sing!…Matter of fact, SHUT UP!

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's ax. The right sound is in your head, so get the right instrument that lets you speak the TRUTH...not that you got a 'prestigious' ax, to impress people, that if you were any good, you'd be able to afford it. (See 1,2,and 3.)

Sub-part B: Thou shall not fear, nor have bad attitudes about sound equipment, nor processors. If you don't think your dealing with sound, shut up, and don't play!

Thou shall not precede a song with lengthy 'histories' of how you came to write it...just play it. If it is interesting, someone will ask you about it. They came to hear music, not how 'special' you think you are! (See 1,2, and 3.)

Thou shall use anything you need to make the song sound the way you hear it....the audience will be the judge of your 'taste'.

If you play stoned, remember, to YOU the song may FEEL great, even if the notes are all wrong! Learn the discipline of FOCUS instead!

Thou shall PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, so when you perform, you can listen and speak to God, with your heart, and not be 'SELF-conscious', but GOD conscious'. Those who commit the sin of SELF consciousness, shall make mistakes. Your PRACTICE will set you're abilities free! Let you mind and heart be upon God, and let Him play through you. (See 1,2,and 3.) Play to God, thanking Him for HIS gift to you. The audience is only your witness, and they'll think its to them, and then you bring them with you....and remember, WE ARE ONE

Guest from Sanity