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Posted By: katlaughing
23-Aug-10 - 10:49 AM
Thread Name: weight loss; thank you mudcat
Subject: RE: weight loss; thank you mudcat
Art, I had the same thing going on before surgery and weighed about the same. I did find an exercise I could manage while sitting. If you are able to lift your arms a bit and pat down your arms with your hands and even pat down your legs, you might benefit from a qi gong tape for seniors by Lee Holden at THIS SITE. You only do what you can, comfortably, and he has his mom in a chair to demonstrate doing it that way. It may not do a lot for weight loss, on its own, but it will help with circulation, breathing, and feeling a bit of a mental uplift, from my experience.

Joe is right about the smaller really helps. It's best to have 6-7 little meals throughout the day and evening, imo, and according to some experts. Healthier in-betweens help, too. Also, watch the sodium. Yee-gawds, there is SO much in anything we don't prepare from scratch. Just a tuna sandwich runs over 900mgs, typically, and can cause water retention, adding to weight. There is one breakfast cereal I have found with no sodium or fat: puffed wheat! A little bit of almond milk and brown sugar with a cup of that makes a healthy snack/small meal. Cream cheese has less sodium than other cheeses and is good on fresh celery. I thought I was doing well using it on a mini-bagel, until I realised the bagel had 340ms of sodium.

Hope this helps, some. Joe is also spot on when he says we love you...we DO!