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Posted By: Little Hawk
22-Aug-10 - 12:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mudcat 10 commandments
Subject: RE: BS: The Mudcat 10 commandments
Thou shalt sneer superciliously at thy debating opponent's pitiable attempts to oppose thy rock solid position, dismiss them all with an airy wave of the hand, demand lengthy and well documented PROOF of everything he is saying (whether or not it is even possible to find such proof), accuse him of his many glaringly obvious character faults (such as homophobia, being "religious" (gasp!), being sexist, being anti-semitic, being a closet fascist, a "liberal", a "conservative" or some other disgusting thing like that), and then drive the final nail into his coffin, metaphorically speaking, by saying something devastatingly clever such as: "I make a point never to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent."

This will secure thy position of superiority here once and for all, and allow thee to bask in the general approval and merit of thy peers that thou dost so richly deserve.