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Posted By: Bobert
11-Aug-10 - 09:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: So little empathy for Pakistan?
Subject: RE: BS: So little empathy for Pakistan?
Well, the reason that there isn't this out pouring of aid, especially from the USA, goes back to George Bush's "You're either with us or you're with the terrorist"... Seems that polorized statement struck home in all the worst ways... We have Tea Party racists who are saying that not another single mosque, regardless of wheteher its going to be 2 blocks from Ground Zero or in Milwalkee, should not be allowed to be built... We have righties wanting to tunr back the clock on Affirmative Action... We have righties wanting to tunr back the clock on Roe V. Wade which, when looked at carefully, was about equal access to abortions... Most white women never had any problems gettin' them...

I mean, this is all about a wrong headed war between Christianity and Islam... There shouldn't be a war but Bush and bin Laden got it goin' real well and now the Tea Party and the Taliban are carryin' it forward...

Here's my idea... Why not just send the Tea Party folks over to Afganistan to deal with the Taliban and vice versa... Leave the rest of us alone and guess what... After a few years when folks are being flooded out people won't be askin' what relgion they believe in???

Geeeee, what a concept???