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Posted By: Lox
11-Aug-10 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: So little empathy for Pakistan?
Subject: RE: BS: So little empathy for Pakistan?

You posted your sources opinion of what the flotilla people might or might not be doing on another thread ages ago.

In response, I posted a link of exactly what IHH did in response to the Pakistan disaster.

The insinuation of your post is that IHH are politicized and anti Israel and that they don't care about the suffering elsewhere, only in palestine.

You repeat this insinuation despite having been shown that IHH are in fact active in Pakistan, just as they were active in Haiti etc etc etc.

Your post (repeated despite you knowing that it is wrong) also insinuates that Moslems don't care about helping the poor, they only use helping the poor as an excuse to support hatred of Israel.

Well bobad, here's 2 questions.

How is IHH's help in Haiti politicized?

How is IHH's help in Pakistan politicized?

Is it inconsistent for IHH to help people in Haiti, Pakistan and Gaza?

You continue to be mendacious in the extreme.

You do so despite knowing that your insinuation is wrong.

You smear and mislead deliberately.

And now you hide behind someone elses words so you can avoid responsibility for your dishonesty.

Get a life fascist.