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Posted By: bubblyrat
05-Aug-10 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is Monarchy Obsolete in the UK?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Monarchy Obsolete in the UK?
No,I don't think that the monarchy is obsolete. As humans,we all tend to need leaders,chieftains,lords,monarchs ; figureheads towards whom we can look for encouragement,understanding,and leadership.During the Second World War,for example,the people were greatly cheered and comforted by the example set by the Royal Family,who resolutely refused to be spirited away to some far-off sun-drenched haven, and remained in London,even during "The Blitz",the Queen moving amongst the people,the King visiting airfields,ships,and barracks to give praise & express his admiration for the efforts of our servicemen.
                The British,or at least the English,have long held their kings and queens in the same esteem of national identity as have the Americans, for example,and other countries,in their national flags ; a phenomenon,in my observation,often applicable to those nations who most emphatically do NOT have a monarchy !
          From 1966 to 1969 , I served aboard a British aircraft -carrier.In that time,I probably saw the Captain twice ; he was a very remote figure,even for many of his officers,living alone in his own quarters,and not even able to enter the "wardroom" (officers'mess) unless invited ! However,I /we knew that he must be a very clever & capable man to have reached such heights (next stop for carrier Captains was always Rear Admiral), and therefore we all felt comforted & reassured by his very presence amongst us,knowing that ,rightly or wrongly,he would make decisions and issue orders that we would all obey.Yes,some of us might have thought they were bollocks,but we'd still obey them ; not to do so would have been unthinkable.
             Raise that mindset to a national level, and you might begin to get the idea of why many of us still feel the same way about our monarchy. If a British "President" asked me to re-join the navy in a time of national emergency,I'd probably think "Fuck that,I'm 63 !",but if Her Majesty The Queen asked, I'd be packing my old kit-bag in a flash !! Yes, of course I would assume that Her Majesty's Cabinet had advised her in this direction,but even so,a Royal Command would be hard to deny ! I feel sorry for the Republicans and the Abolitionists,floundering in their self-pitying morass of indignation and resentment.I freely admit that the number of castles,palaces and other Royal Residences available to the current Royal Family is a bit excessive (and very insensitive,Your Majesty !!), but abolish the Monarchy ?? Never !!