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Posted By: Arthur_itus
30-Jul-10 - 05:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is Monarchy Obsolete in the UK?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Monarchy Obsolete in the UK?
Cheeky gits, the Yanks.

Just been reading this article from the BBC News

US Senate Lockerbie bomber inquiry 'may visit UK'

Also speaking on the programme, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond said he was happy to offer a visiting US senator "the courtesy of a meeting".

But he said there was "no way on Earth" Scottish ministers would formally give evidence to a committee hearing of a foreign legislature, even if it was held in the UK.

"It's a point of principle that you're not responsible to the committee of another parliament," he said.

"I don't think there is a recorded case in history of a serving American secretary going to another jurisdiction to give evidence to a committee of another parliament. That applies to the Chilcot Committee, it applies to coroners' inquests in England, it applies to extraordinary rendition and all the other controversies the US has been involved in.

"You shouldn't ask other people to do things that your own government would never dream of," he said.

Basically, who TF are you yanks to tell us what you are going to do.

Just keep out of our country.

I personally do not agree with the arse licking that our UK PM's and MP's seem to do.