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Posted By: MGM·Lion
29-Jul-10 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: Who's THE most over-rated 'legend'?
Subject: RE: Who's THE most over-rated 'legend'?
A recent Times leader wondered why Ringo Starr hadn't got a knighthood. Ringo Starr?!!? I could hardly believe my eyes. I have thought for 47 years that he was, & is, the luckiest man in the world: to have happened to be the at-the-time drummer {& not a particularly talented one as that, as Lennon famously said; & no, I don't believe he was joking} when that otherwise outstandingly talented group happened to make it, which might have happened at any time round about the early 60s.

Even 'Sir' Paul is a bit lucky, as the real talent belonged to the one who died who always let him share the writing credits. Come on now, what song did Wings, or has McCartney since Lennon died, produce[d] to compare with all those great Beatles'"Lennon/McCartney" credited #s? Go on. Name one...

But "Sir" Ringo!? Don't make me laugh, Mr Editor of The Times.