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Posted By: Rob Naylor
27-Jul-10 - 04:15 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Poverty Knock
Subject: RE: Origins: Poverty Knock
As I said in March above, and in my phone post earlier today, the old dobbie looms definitely had a "clickety clack" sound to them which can easily be rendered by the phrase "poverty knock".

The old Popplewell Mill at Scholes, Cleckheaton, where my mum and all my aunties worked on the looms from the late 1920s onwards (mum started at 14 in 1930 and was the middle one of 8) used the same looms when it closed in the 60s as it had opened with in Victorian times, and I heard them many times on visits, as my Great Aunt Edith had married into the Priestley family who owned the mill and eventually inherited it when her husband died. Mum said the shop floor when it closed looked exactly as it had when she'd started there!

r.padgett: not sure there is a "correct" version. Tom Daniel almost certainly made up (or re-created) some verses, but there were some verses my mum wouldn't ever sing to me as they were "too mucky".

I said back in March/ April on this thread that I'd try and get as many as possible from her, but she's deteriorated rapidly over the last 3 months and now spends virtually all her time in bed, sleeping. She's not very coherent when she's awake, so no luck I'm afraid. And she's the very last one of her generation, AFAIK from the whole village, not just our family.