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Posted By: DonMeixner
23-Jul-10 - 09:13 AM
Thread Name: Worst Movie ever
Subject: RE: Worst Movie ever
"Second worst film is "The Great Escape", if only because,at the time of the real-life escape,there were NO AMERICAN prisoners in that particular camp--so just WHO was Steve McQueen supposed to have been, then ?? Eh ?? "

George harsh and Nick Nichols(The inspiration for Steve McQueens character in the film) would argue strongly with you. Nichols and Piglett Lamond actually perpetrated the Mole Escape as shown in the movie and George Harsh was in the X organization as the designer and head of the Ferret warning system.

Harsh had an early number in the escape list until it was discovered he had severe clasutrophobia.

Both men were members of the RAF, Nichols was an American Eagle but both men were decidedly American and both were involved in the escape plan. Whether or not they went up the tunnel is Hollywood selling a film and inconsequential to the actual history and the brilliance of the effort.

You still don't have to like the movie but........