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Posted By: bubblyrat
22-Jul-10 - 02:40 PM
Thread Name: Worst Movie ever
Subject: RE: Worst Movie ever
I quite liked "McQ",as I admired Clu Gulager,if only for A) having such a weird name, and B) being totally unintelligible in every word he uttered. I thought perhaps JW's character was called "McHugh ", as in the song (" Follow Me Up To Carlow",so now we ARE a music thread !), and the title "McQ" was just being trendy ??Who knows ??
    Hope I haven't upset anyone re-"The Great Escape"......I know that there were,indeed,American POWs in that camp, but, crucially,they had all been transferred by the time of the "Escape" ( in which Steve McQueen rides a BRITISH motor-cycle, or so I believe !!).