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Posted By: ollaimh
22-Jul-10 - 12:36 PM
Thread Name: Worst Movie ever
Subject: RE: Worst Movie ever
well nothing equals"they saved hitler's brain". with a cheesey privatedective style anouncer recordinghis search forhitlers brain.itbwasspiritedaway by nazi's for cloningandlater imlant.

the sets were so bad the camera occasionally verred off set and you could see the gaffers.   really reallyfunny.

the canadian film "revenge of the land" was also a howler. with every cliche about settling thepraries. the evil gran company, the evil railroads ,the plucky little farm boy and a child almost dying atthe climax so they are all forced to work together.again so bad it was funny.

i also hate those action films thathave the overpowering soundtracks so you know when to be excited, and nothingbutaction action action. dark knight--battman, awfull. inception--so predictable and "oh now we are goingdeeper thatanyman has gonebefore intothedream state" we never saw that comming. and the over powering music.