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Posted By: GUEST,Allan C
21-Jul-10 - 05:31 AM
Thread Name: Worst Movie ever
Subject: RE: Worst Movie ever
"As a Scot, I'd have to say that, apart from most Hollywood remakes of European films, the worst film I've ever seen was "Braveheart""

Aye some of it is naff to say the least. I know folk moan about the historical inaccuracies with the likes of the blue face and the liason with the Princess but those don't bother me at all. The basis of the story is Blind Harry's poem or rather Hamilton's later version of Harry's poem - and the blue face is present in the poem as is the liason though it is with the English Queen rather than a Princess. Folk moan about the anti-Englishness though to be fair to the novel and film that aspect is actually toned down. A big gripe is often the Brigadoon tartan aspects of it. That part of the army raised by Wallace was raised in and largely operated in the southern and central Lowlands and the army would probably have not looked much different from any army raised in England so the Highlandism of the film really skews the picture. Though I suspect a modern audience in the large North American market would expect to see tartan on Scots so the film makers would give them what they expect.

One bit that irritates me is the pan-Celticism of it. In the film when the Irish army in the service of the English actually come face to face with Wallace's Scottish army - they throw down their weapons and they all hug each other in Celtic brotherhood - whilst Edward I whispers "bloody Irish" as an aside. In the poem though when Wallace catches up with the army of mixed Irish and Scottish Highlanders in the service of the English the outcome is rather different. As they are seen as kin the Highlanders are spared on condition that they join Wallace's army. On the other hand the Irish are massacred to the last man as they are seen as foreign invaders.