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20-Jul-10 - 02:22 PM
Thread Name: Worst Movie ever
Subject: RE: Worst Movie ever
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Bubblyrat, your comment "It has to be the film where the Americans capture a U-boat and the "Enigma" coding -device inside it , if only because it's a load of RUBBISH, especially since it was the BRITISH who captured the U-Boat & enigma machine ( Actually !!!)." is not entirely correct
Enigma machines were recovered by both British and American forces from U-Boats. The British navy catured one first, but an American sub catured a Nazi sub sub along with its enigma machine and all important code pads; they were spirited away to the Royal Dockyard in Bermuda. Later the Nazi sub ended up on display at the Field Museum in Chicago.
Film makers often change significant facts to suit their tastes. I once saw a bit of a British docudrama showing that a British pilot was the first jet jockey to break the sound barrier...errr, nope.
It's just not a good idea to learn your history from movies; otherwise you might end up thinking that either the British or Americans had a bigger hand in stopping Hitler than the Soviet Union, or that Wellington 's stratagy had much to do with Napolian being defeated at Waterloo.
For a truly awful film that lotsa folk gushed over, look up August Rush A piece of pretentious crap from beginning to end. A clear demonstration of what happens when a film that preports to be about the power of music is made by folks who don't know anything about music.