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Posted By: Lepus Rex
09-Sep-00 - 04:36 PM
Thread Name: Georgian Music
Subject: RE: Georgian Music
I know nothing about lyrics and music, but there's a ton of Georgian groups with cds out there. You probably already know this, but I'll mention a couple anyways:)

Rustavi Choir is probably the most famous in the USA. Their recordings are incredibly easy to find here/there. Kartuli Ensemble, Ensemble Kolkheti, Mtiebi, Ensemble Tbilisi, Kutaisi Ensemble, and more all have albums in print.

Pan Records put out a cool cd of Abkhazian and Adzharian songs called 'The Golden Fleece,' as well as a couple of Georgian ones from other regions by artists I mentioned above. I like Pan Records. Any record company that puts out cds of music from Bashkortostan is ok with me:)

A couple of (probably useless, randomly chosen) links:

Info and .wav files here.

Info, links and music samples here.

Hard to find Georgian music stuff on the web by searching with a search engine... Have to weed out everything about Georgian (state) musicians, and music from when the various Georges ruled Britain... I tried to find lyrics, but it was a real hassle. Good luck, Shea.

---Lepus Rex