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Posted By: gnu
04-Jul-10 - 04:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Motocycle advise
Subject: RE: BS: Motocycle advise
I GOTTA tell this one here...

Many moons ago... I got off the ferry to Newfoundland and proceeded up the highway. There were 400 Hell's Angels on the ferry.

I stopped to gas up at a remote gas station up the road a ways as I always did... supprt the local economy, eh b'y? Two bikes pulled in at the same time.

The Newfie, about 5'4" in a doeskin shirt and gum rubbers was splitting wood and came out to pump our gas. His two lads of about 8 years old ran to the bikes and one jumped up on a bike.

These bikers were each over 6' and HUGE. One biker is pissed, points at the kid, points at his colours, and asks, "Don't you know who we are?"

The Newf says, "No b'y. 'ho are yees?"

"Hell's Angels and about 400 of us just got off the boat."

"You know 'ho I is?"

"Who are YOU?"

"Johnny, get off the man's bike... well, I be a Newfoundlander and there's about 600,000 of us on this fookin island. 'ow ere ye gettin off it? Now, d'ya want yer gas er wha?"

The bikers roared with laughter... and gave n an undred dollar tip.