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Posted By: scouse
01-Jul-10 - 05:38 AM
Thread Name: Death of a loved one - songs to help you
Subject: RE: Death of a loved one - songs to help you
This song is very special.. I know it's helped many people.

As Aye,


Absent Friends

What seemed important them becomes trivial when,         
Fate deals the cards that forces your hand ,                  
All the places we've been all the things we have seen,      
No more in the future,it just isn't planned,            

It's all very strange but when you went I changed
It just seem to happen with the passing of each day,
Oh,I don't understand is it part of a plan,
Does one person grow when another fades away.

Small things you do,weave pictures of you                  
They're printed for life on the back of my mind,            
I was always so sure,your love was so pure,                  
To the faults and the bad times a loved one stays blind      

I always found that when you where around
You help me with worries and eased all my fears,
You always had time for problems of mine,
A shoulder to cry on a listening ear.


Time heals wounds they say ,
Time takes the pain away,
I don't know why it never happened to me,
It's years since you went away,
But I miss you night and day,
Why you had to go is a mystery to me.