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Posted By: Little Hawk
08-Sep-00 - 12:48 AM
Thread Name: More Worst pop songs ever!
Subject: RE: More Worst pop songs ever!
Now, people...let's just settle down here...

Mbo - I thoroughly appreciate your disdain for Saddam Hussein. And I can understand your natural concern for veterans, friends and loved ones. No argument there.

I do think there were some aspects to the Gulf War that the West should not be too proud of...some of those having repercussions on American veterans as well as Middle Easterners. The Iraqui government is a vicious dictatorship, but the Iraqui people are about as good as people anywhere else, and many of them were victims of the war.

Now I am going to go and relax by listening to Space Oddity in surround sound.

Lepus - you are always a pleasure to read. How's things in the briar patch?