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Posted By: Lepus Rex
08-Sep-00 - 12:21 AM
Thread Name: More Worst pop songs ever!
Subject: RE: More Worst pop songs ever!
Mbo, unless you're joking, which I seriously doubt, lighten the fuck up. If someone says they don't enjoy Tony Orlando, it's not a personal insult directed at you. Any time someone insults the pop tripe you apparently cherish, you throw a tantrum and call names. I've never seen anyone, me included, insult you for having 'bad' taste. Playful teasing, perhaps, but it's definately been in a friendly manner. You can tell when >I'm< joking, for instance, by my annoying use of emoticons. But even when someone's joking, you don't seem to care; you immediately compose something like: "Listen, bonehead, Debbie Gibson rocks! She came to town once and said we had well paved roads! None of your damned folk hippie losers ever did that! It made our millennium here in town!"

And so I'm not a slavish follower of the military, and don't take part in nationalistic displays. This makes me a 'knucklehead?'

Why not think twice before reacting like a spaz next time? And I mean that in a nice way. You really do seem to be a good guy, but your little outbursts are REALLY getting on my nerves.

---Lepus Rex