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Posted By: Bernard
10-Jun-10 - 09:07 AM
Thread Name: Help: Trad Irish or Hawaiian music for funeral
Subject: RE: Urgent Req:Funeral songs or music : please help me
The main reason why crematoriums ask for 'originals only' is because CDroms are notoriously unreliable. You'd be surprised how often someone makes a compilation that hasn't been finalised - which prevents its use on anything other than the computer which burned it.

Some CD players are designed not to play CDroms, though they are becoming quite rare. For example, the CD module for an Inter-M PAM series amplifier would only play 'commercial' CDs, though ones we've sent away to be serviced now come back with that restriction lifted.

For PRS and MCPS purposes it does not actually matter whether a CD is an original or not as long as you submit the correct logging details when the track is played in public (not to be confused with copyright infringement by unauthorised duplication).

This also applies for radio broadcasts - it's the audio that matters, not the storage medium. In the old days, radio stations needed stacks of vinyl, but these days most tracks are stored on a computer retrieval system. At Oldham Community Radio we use P-Squared's 'Myriad' system, which automatically prepares the returns for PRS.

You may find that an employee of a crematorium may use PRS as an excuse because it's simpler that way. The company I work for maintains the sound systems for crematoriums run by Salford City Council (UK), so I do understand their frustration!