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Posted By: hesperis
03-Sep-00 - 01:33 AM
Thread Name: Greatest love songs...and love generally
Subject: RE: Greatest love songs...and love generally
Sometimes romantic love is true. I have seen it.
I have seen it in my mother's eyes when she talks of her love. I have seen it in the jitterish dance my friend Robin makes whenever his girlfriend is around. I have seen it in the calm that fills my friend Blair, and soothes the storms in his soul, when his eyes meet his girlfriend's across the room.

I have seen (and experienced) the opposite.
I have watched people try to manipulate me by sweet words and pretty phrases, and promises that they never had any intention of keeping. I have watched possessiveness masquerade as love.
I have watched people give people emotional scars that may never heal, and say they love them, all in the same breath.

Love itself is true. It is the truest thing there is. And if you have seen it, you know that. And then the silly songs don't seem so silly.
And the misery isn't a twisted misery, but a deepening of your heart.
And these are not just words...