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Posted By: Little Hawk
02-Sep-00 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: Greatest love songs...and love generally
Subject: RE: Greatest love songs...and love generally
Mbo - the Beatles said in one song "Love Is All There Is". They were right.

They also said in another one "give me money...that's what I want". They were playing at being cynical, I suppose. Funny thing is, they got more money than anyone could possible know what to do with, and it didn't help much, did it? In the end only the love counted. When John Lennon lay dying on the street, I don't think he had money on his mind. Paul McCartney said that when Linda died, it very nearly killed him too. I believe it.

I've had a lotta money. I've had a few teaspoons full of love. Can you relate to that, Mbo? I bet you can.

I was in Cuba, and I saw more love in one week than I had seen in the previous 5 years, and I'm not talking just boy-girl stuff here, I'm talking about every kind of love. It's the only thing worth living or dying for. It puts the lie to all the other stuff, and you can't buy it. You can buy an imitation of it...a pale one...I've seen that done, but I never did it.

I hope that being back here in the great self-indulgent North American nuthouse doesn't grind me back down again. I can see where it might.