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Thread Name: Sailors' Songs or Chanties- Songbook Index
Subject: RE: Sailors' Songs or Chanties- Index
Shanties from the seven seas, Hugill, Stan, Mystic Seaport , 1994. (abridged)

Abel Brown the Sailor
Aboard the Kangaroo
According to the Act
Across the Rockies
Across the Western Ocean
A Hundred Years Ago
A Long Time Ago
Anglesey, The
A-rollin' Down the River
As Off to the South'ard We Go
Away for Rio!
Away Susanna!
A Young Thing and Cannot Leave Her Mother
Banks of the Sacremento
Banks o'Newf'n'land
Big Five-Gallon Jar
Billy Boy
Billy Riley
Blood-Red Roses
Blow, Boys, Blow
Blow, Boys, Blow, for Californi-O!
Blow the Man Down
Blow Ye winds
Bosun's Alphabet, The
Bound for the Rio Grande
Bound to Australia
Bound to California
Bully Boat, The
Bully in the Alley
Bunch o' Roses
Campanayro, The
Campanero, The
Can't Ye Dance the Polka?
Can't Ye Hilo?
Captain Stormalong
Challo Brown
Charlie One More Day
Cheer, Boys, Cheer
Cheerily Man (Men)
Chinee Bumboatman, The
Clear the Track, Let the Bulgine Run
Coal Black Rose
Codfish Shanty, The
Come-along, Git-along, Stormalong John
Dan, Dan
Dead Horse, The
Derby Ram
Dixie Land
Do Let Me Go, Gels
Do Let Me Lone, Susan
Donkey Riding
Doodle Let Me Go
Dreadnaught, The
Drunken Sailor
Ebenezer, The
Eki Dumah
Eliza Lee
Essequibo River
Farewell and Adieu to You
Fare Ye Well, My Bonnie Young Girl
Fire Down Below
Fire Ship, The
Fishes, The
Five-Gallon Jar, The
Flash Frigate, The
Flash Packet, The
'Frisco Ship, The
Gals o' Chile, The
Gals o' Dublin Town, The
Gal With the Blue Dress, The
General Taylor
Gimme De Banjo
Girl in Portland Street, The
Golden Vanitee, The
Goodbye, Fare-ye-well
Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye
Goodbye, Sing Fare You Well
Good Morning, Ladies All
Good Morning, Ladies All (Roller Bowler)
Go To Sea No More
Go To Sea Once More
Hand-over-hand Chants
Handy Bandy Barque, The
Handy, Me Boys (Handy, Me Girls)
Hanging Johnny
Harp Without the Crown, The
Haul Away, Boys, Haul Away!
Haul Away, Joe (Jo)
Haul Away the Bowline
Haul 'er Away!
Hauley, Hauley-ho!
Haul Him Away!
Haul the Bowline
Hawks Eye Man, The
Heave Away, Boys, Heave Away
Heave Away Cheerily O!
Heave Away, Me Johnnies
Heave, My Boys, Away
He-bang, She-bang
Hello, Somebody!
Hieland Laddie
High Barbaree
High-O, Come Roll Me Over
Hilo, Boys, Hilo
Hilo, Come Down Below
Hilo, Johnny Brown
Hilo, Somebody Below
Hilo, Somebody, Hilo
Hog0eye (Hogs-eye) Man, The
Holy Ground One More, The
Holystoning and Cargo-stowing Songs
Home,Dearie, Home
Homeward Bound (Goodbye, Fare-ye-well)
Homeward Bound (Oh, We are Homeward Bound Today)
Homeward Bound (To the Liverpool Docks)
Hooker John
Hooraw for the Blackball Line
Hooraw, Me Loolo Boys (Gels)
Huckleberry Hunting
Hurrah, Sing Fare You Well
I'm Bound Away
In 'Frisco Bay
Irish Emigrant, The
Jack Tar
Ja, Ja,Ja!
Jenny, Get Your Oatcake Done
Jinny Keep Yer Ringtail Warm
John, Come Tell Us As We Haul Away
John Dameray (N. Silsbee)
John Kkanaka
Johnny Bowker
Johnny, Come Down the Backstay
Johnny, Come Down to Hilo
Johnny, Come to Hilo
Johnny Poker
Johnny Polka
Johnny's Gone to Hilo
Johnny, Walkalong to Hilo
Knock a Man Down
Larry Marr
Lay Me Down
Leave Her, Bullies, Leave Her
Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her
Limejuice Ship, The
Little Ball o' Yarn, The
Liverpool Judies (Girls), The
Liverpool Packet, The
Liverpool Song, The
Liza Lee
Lowlands (Golden Vanitee)
Lowlands (My Dollar an' a Half a Day)
Lowlands Away
Lowland Sea, The
Lowlands Low, The
Maggie May
Maid of Amsterdam, The
Mainsail Haul
Miss Juliana Brown
Miss Lucy Long
Miss Lucy Loo
Mister Stormalong
Mister Stormalong John
Mobile Bay
Mudder Dinah
My Bonnie Highland Lassie-O
My Dollar an' a Half a Day
New York Gals, The
Oak and the Ash, The
Off to Sea Once More
Oh, Aye, Rio
Oh, I'm Going to Leave Her
Oh, Stormalong
Old Moke Pickin' on the Banjo
Old Santy Ana
Ols Stormalong
Old Swansea Town One More
O Mary, Come Down!
On Board of the Kangaroo
One More Day
Only One More Day
Outward and Homeward Bound
Ox-eye Man, The
Paddy Doyle's Boots
Paddy, Lay Back
Paddy West
Paddy Works on the Railway
Pay Me the Money Down
Plains of Mexico, The
Poor Lucy Anna
Poor Old Horse
Poor Old Joe
Poor Old Man
Poor Paddy Works on the Railway
Put Yer Shoulder Next to Mine and Pump Away
Rando Ray
Randy Dandy P!
Ratcliffe Highway
Reuben Ranzo
Rio Grande
Rise Me Up from Down Below
River Lea, The
Rock 'n' Row Me Over
Roll, Alabama, Roll
Roll and Go! (A Long Time Ago)
Roll and Go! (Tommy's on the Tops'l Yard)
Roll, Boys, Roll!
Roll, Bullies, Roll!
Roller Bowler
Rollin' Down to Trinidad
Rolling Home
Rolling King
Rolling River, The
Roll, Julia, Roll
Roll 'n' Go (Sally Brown)

Roll the Cotton Down
Roll the Old Chariot
Roll the Woodpile Down
Round the Bay of Mexico
Round the Corner, Sally
Royal Artillery Man
Ruler King
Run, Let the Bulgine Run
Sailor Likes His Bottle-O, The
Sailor Loves, The
Sailor's Alphabet, The
Sailor's Grace, The
Sailor's Way, The
St. Helena Soldier
Sally Brown
Sally Rackett
Saltpetre Shanty
Santa Anna
Saucy Arabella, The
Saucy Jack Tar, The
Saucy Sailor Boy, The
Shake Her, Johnny, Shake Her!
Shallow Brown
Shanghai Brown
Shaver, The
Shenandoah (Bullen)
Shenandoah, The
Shiloh Brown
Shinbone Al
Sing a Song, Blow-along O!
Sing Hilo, Me Ranzo Ray
Sing-outs for Rope, Capstan, and Halyard Winch
Sing, Sally O!
Sister Susan
Skonnert Albertina
Slack Away Yer Reefy Tayckle
So Early in the Morning
So Handy, My Boys
Sound the Jubilee
South Australia
Southern Ladies
Spanish Ladies
Stand to Yer Ground
Stormalong John
Stormalong, Lads, Stormy
Stormy Along, John
Sweatin'-up Chants
Ten Stone
Ten Thousand Miles Away
Tiddy High O!
Time for Us to Leave Her
Timme Heave-O, Hang Her Hilo!
'Tis Time nfor Us to Go
Tommy's Gone Away
Tommy's On the Top'l Yard
Tom's Gone to Hilo (Ilo)
To My Hero Bangidero
Towrope Girls, The
Up She Goes
Valparaiso Round the Horn
Van Dieman's Land
Walkalong, Miss Susiana Brown
Walkalong, My Rosie
Walkalong, You Sally Brown
Walk Him Along, John
Walk Me Along, Johnny
'Way. Me Susiana!
'Way, Stormalong John
We'll Go to Sea no More
We'll Ranzo Way
We're All Bound to Go
Where Am I to Go, M'Johnnies?
Whisky Johnny
Wide Missouri The
Wild Goose Shanty The
Won't Ye Go My Way?
Wo Stormalong
Yankee John, Stormalong
Yaw, Yaw, Yaw
Yeo Heave Ho!