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Thread Name: Sailors' Songs or Chanties- Songbook Index
Subject: RE: Sailors' Songs or Chanties- Index
Boxing the Compass, Palmer, Roy, Yorkshire, Herron, 2001.
Admiral Byng
Andrew Rose
Another of Seafarers
Balena, The
Banks of Newfoundland, The
Bargeman's ABC, The
Bengamin's Lamentation, The
Blow the Man Down
Blow Ye Winds
Boatie Rows, The
Boatswain's Call, The
Bold Adventures of Captain Ross
Bold Princess Royal
Ceasar's Victory, The
Candlelight Fisherman, The
Captain Barton's Distress
Captain Glen's Unhappy Voyage
Captain James
Captain Kid's Farewell
Captain Mansfield's Fight with the Turks
City of Baltimore, The
Common Sailor, The
Copy of Verses composed by Captain Henry Every, A
Copy of Verses on Jefferys the Seaman, A
Cordial Advice
Death of Admiral Benbow, The
Deep Sea Tug
Diesel and Shale
Disappointed Sailor, The
Disconsolate Judy's Lamentation
Distressed Men of War
Dolphin's Return, The
Dockyard Gate, The
Dreadnought, The
Duke William
England's Great Loss by a Storm of Wind
English Courage Displayed
Excellent New Song, An
Execution of Five Pirates for Murder
Famous Fight at Malago, The
Famous Sea Fight between Captain and the Rainbow, The
Fancy Frigate, The
Fare Ye Well, lovely Nancy
Female Cabin Boy, The
Fiddler's Green
Final Trawl, The
Fire Ship, The
First of the Emigrants, The
Fisher Lad of Whitby, The
Fishes' Lamentation, The
Flying Cloud, The
Flying Dutchman, The
George Jones
Golden Voyage, The
Grace Darling
Greenland Men, The
Greenland Voyage, The
Greenland Whale Fishery, The
Grimsby Fishermen, The
Grimsby Lads, The
Heave away, my Johnny
Holy Ground, The
Homeward Bound
Honour of Bristol, The
I am an Ancient Mariner
Jackie Tar
Jack Tar
Jervis Bay, The
John Dory
Jolly Sailor'd True Description of a Man-of-War, The
Joyful New Ballad, A
Kola Run, The
Lady Franklin's Lament
Leave her, Johnny
Leaving of Liverpool, The
Liverpool Girls
Liverpool John
Looking for a Ship
Loss of the Amphitrite
Loss of the Evelyn Marie, The
Lucky Sailor, The
Lustily, lustily
Maui Boat, Leinster, The
Man-of-War's Garland, The
Merchant Shipping Act, The
Montague Whaler, The
Nelson's Death and Victory
Net for a Raven, A
New Sea Song
New Song, called the Frolicsome Sea Captain, A
New Song called the Victory, A
New Song on the Blanford, A
New Song on the Total Defeat of the French Fleet, A
North Country Collier, The
Off to Sea Once More
Paddy West
Pleasant and Delightful
Praise of Sailors, The
President Parker
Rambling Sailor, The
Ram It! I'm RDP
Ratcliffe Highway
Roll, Alabama, Roll
Rolling Home
Rolling Sailor, The
Rounding the Horn
Sailor's Alphabet, The
Sailor's Christmas Day, The
Sailor's Complaint, The
Sailors for my Money
Sailor's Hornpipe, The
Sailor's Lamentation, The
Sailor's Life, A
Sailor's Only Delight, The
Sailor's Wives, The
Sally Munro
Sea Fight, The
Seaman's Compass, The
Sea Martyrs, The
Seamen and Soldier's Last Farewell, The
Seamen's Distress, The
Sramen's Wives' Vindication, The
Second of August
Servant of Rosemary Lane, The
Shannon and Chesapeake
Shaw-Savill's Buccaneers
Ship in Distress, The
Ship is all Laden, The
Shoals of Herring, The
Silk Merchant's Daughter, The
Sinking of the Graf Spee, The
Sir Francis Drake
Sir Walter Raleigh Sailing in the Lowlands
Smacksman, The
Smuggler's Victory, The
Song of the Seamen and Land Soldiers, A
Song on the Duke's Late Glorious Victory, A
Spanish Ladies
Stormy Weather, Boys
Strike the Bell
Swallow the Anchor
Swell My Net Full
Tars of the Blanche, The
Three Jolly Fishermen
Three Score and Ten
Tiger Bay
Unseaworthy Ship, The
Upon Sir Francis Drake's Return
Valiant Sailor, The
Whip Jamboree
William Taylor
Winning of Cales, The
Wreck of the Northfleet, The
Wreck of the Royal Charter, The
Yankee Man-of-War, The
Young Sailor Cut Down, The