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Thread Name: Sailors' Songs or Chanties- Songbook Index
Subject: RE: Sailors' Songs or Chanties- Index
Songs The Whalemen Sang, Huntington, Gale, Mystic Seaport, 2005
A Charming Fellow
A Farmer's Boy
A Fitting Out
A Life on the Ocean Wave
Anew Liberty Song
A New Sea Song
A New Song
A Sailor's Trade is a Roving Life
A Song on the Nantucket Ladies
A Whaling Scene
Adieu My Native Land
Adieu to Erin
American Stranger, see When first into This Country
An Ancient Riddle
Angels Whisper
Aran's Lonely Home
As I Grow Old
Banks of Banna
Banks of Champlain
Banks of Glenco
Banks of the Schuylkill
Bark Gay Head
Bark Ocean Rover
Barney McCoy, see Norah Darling
Beaco Light
Behind the Green Bush
Betsy is a Beauty Fair, see Fair Betsy
Bible Story
Billy O'Rourke
Blessed land of Love and Liberty
Blow High Blow Low
Blow Ye Winds
Bold Privateer, see Captain Calls All Hands
Bonaparte on St. Helena
Bonnet of Blue
Bonny Bunch of Roses-O
Bride's Farewell
Bright Phoebe
British Man-of-War
California Song
Can of Grog
Captain Calls All Hands
Captain James
Captain's Apprentice, see Captain James
Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold, see Nobleman's Daughter
Caroline of Edinburgh Town, see Lovely Caroline
Coast of Peru
Come Let Us Be Jolly
County of Tyrone
Covent Garden
Croppy Boy
Cruise of the Dove
Cupid's Garden see Covent Garden
Dark-Eyed Sailor
Dauntless Sailor
Demon of the Sea
Diego's Bold Shore
Down Wapping
Dying Soldier
Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog
Erin's Lovely Home, see Aran's Lonely Home
Factor's Song, see Turkey Factor in Foreign Parts
Fair Betsy
Fanny Blair
Fare You Well
Farewell My Dear Nancy
First Time I Saw My Love
Flora the Lily of the West
Flowing Bowl, see Sling the Flowing Bowl
Gennett and Genoe
Gosport Beach, see Undutiful Daughter
Gosport Tragedy, see Ship Carpenter
Green Linnet
Greenland Whale
Hearts of Gold
Heathen Dear
Hunter's Lane
I Can Not Call Her Mother
I Had a Handsome Fortune
I Was Once a Sailor
In Days When We Went Gipsying
Indian Hunter
Jacket So Blue, see Bonnet of Blue
Jamie's on the Stormy Sea
Jojn Brown
John Bull's Epistle
John Riley
Keyhole in the Door
Lass of Mowee
Lily of the West
Little Mary the Sailor's Bride, see Beggarman
Little Mohee, see Lass of Mowee
Loose Every Sail to the Breeze
Lord Our God
Love Song in the Year 1769
Lovely Caroline
Maid of Erin
Maid on the Shore
Mantle So Green
Mary's Dream
McDonald's Return to Glenco, see Banks of Glenco
Moll Brooks
Moon Is Brightly Beaming Love
Most Beautiful
Mother's Admonition, see Tarry Trousers
My Flora and I, see Shepherd's Lament
Nobleman's Daughter
Norah Darling
Now We Steer Our Course for Home
O Logie O Buchan
Ocean Queen
Old Horse
Old Hulk
One Night Sad and Languid
Our Old Friend Coffin
Our Ship Is Lying in Harbour
Phoebe, see Bright Phoebe
Pirate of the Isles
Plowboy's Courtship, see Queen of the May
Pol and Sal
Post Below
Prayer at the Start of a Voyage
Pretty Sally
Pride of Kildare
Queen of the May
Recruiting Sargeant
Reily's Jailed
Rolling Down to Old Mohee
Rose of Allendale
Rover of the Sea
Row On
Sailor Boy's Song
Sailor from Dover, see Pretty Sally
Sailor's Adieu, see Topsail Shivers in the Wind
Sailor's Come All Ye, see Hearts of Gold
Sailor's Farewell
Sarah Mariah Cornell
Saturday Night at Sea
Sea Captain, see Maid on the Shore
Sea Ran High
Sequel to Will Watch
Sheffield Prentice Boy
Shepherd's Daughter
Shepherd's Lament
Shepherd's Resolution, see Behind the Green Bush                                                                                                                                             
Ship Carpenter
Ship Euphrasia
Silvery Moon
Silvery Tide
Sling the Flowing Bowl
Song of Solomon's Temple
Song of Courtship
Sons of Liberty
Sons of Worth
Sovereign of the Sea
Springfield Mountain
Storm, see The Tempest
Storm Was Loud
Susan the Pride of Kildare
Tarry Trousers
Terrible Polly
The Sea
The Tempest
The Times
The Wreath
There She Blows,see Wounde Whale
Thou Hast Learned to Love Another
Topsail Shivers in the Wind
Turkey Factor in Foreign Parts
Turkish Lady
Undutiful Daughter
Village Born Beauty
Virtuous America
Wait for the Wagon
We Met 'Twas in a Crowd
Wedding Rite, see I Can Not Call Her Mother
Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea
Whalefish Song
Whaleman's Lament
Whaler's Song
When First into this Country
When I Remember
Wide World of Waters
William Taylor
Willie and Mary, see Beggarman
Willie Gray
Willie's on the Dark Blue Sea
Willy Rily, see Reily's Jailed
Wings of a Goney
Women Love Kissing as Well as the Men
Wounded Whale
Yankee Doodle, see The Times
Ye Parliaments of England
Yonder Stands a Handsome lady, see Song on Courtship
Young Sailor Bold, see Nobleman's Daughter
Young Shepherd, see Shepherd's Lament
Young Virgin