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Posted By: catspaw49
12-Apr-10 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Bread Rolls
Subject: RE: Folklore: Bread Rolls
Mike says: "Americans imagine that what are properly called sweet buns (a sort of cupcake, but not iced) should be called muffins.

See now? There ya' go again. I've told y'all before that ya' don't know shit and once again you're wrong!   This here Baby is a MUFFIN. Look at that thing and you know its just eatup with blueberries....or maybe its a cranberry-orange muffin. I dunno' what it is YOU think is a muffin but it don't compare to that mother!

But I guess it just fits in with the rest of y'all's lack of knowledge about these things. Like the completely fucked up thing about cookies and biscuits and scones and all. Lissen up......You have got to quit calling biscuits "scones." There are milllions of Rednecks in this country and we are all genetically wired to know what a biscuit is when we're born.........and that thing you call a biscuit ain't nothin' but a cookie and that scone thing IS A BISCUIT!
Hellfire, a Redneck baby's first meal is sausage gravy and biscuits! And I don't mean them "banger" things y'all think is sausage. I'm talking good ground pork with a shitload of sage and black pepper.

Try to learn better.....I think you can.   Ain't no sense in keepin' on with that ignorance.

Best of Luck in Getting Your Shit Together,