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Posted By: Rob Naylor
08-Apr-10 - 09:40 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Poverty Knock
Subject: RE: Origins: Poverty Knock

I can't remember much of what my mum used to sing. Certainly nothing to add to what's already been posted: I did note the "fratchin' wi' t' gaffer" verse is often left out...possibly because unless you're from the north you won't know what "fratching" means, and unless you're from a mill background you won't understand what a string is.

I'll ask her if she can remember some verses next time I see her. She's 94 and "not all there" anymore but she's more likely to remember things from her youth than from last week, so there's a chance I'll get some of it out of her.

Padgett: The mill girls around Cleckheaton, Bailiff Bridge and Brighouse were also known as "Poverty Knockers".

I was born and brought up in Scholes, just outside Cleckheaton and my paternal side lived there for a long time: A report sent to Thomas Cromwell (Henry VIII's minister) by Sir Marmaduke Constable in 1533 lists my ancestor "Thomas Naylor of Scholes" as one of the (many) local cloth-makers found guilty of "flocking" their cloth (using waste or recycled yarn in the weft). So I'm descended from a fraudster!