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Posted By: Hamish
30-Aug-00 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: Playing an Instrument-Good + Bad Days
Subject: RE: Playing an Instrument-Good + Bad Days
I find that the buzz is important, too. By which I mean the interplay with the audience. If I feel like I'm connecting, then I play better. If, on the other hand, I make a mistake - even tho' I'm generally OK at ignoring them - then I start to get a little self-conscious, the audience feel it, we lose touch...

Confidence is a critical factor and good performances reinforce confidence leading to good performances... whereas the reverse is also true: poor performances knock confidence leading to poor performances...

So: it's important to practise, so you don't knock your self confidence; to know your material well, so you can cope with distractions; to play in front of a live audience as much as you can, so you can handle things not going too well; to try and reach your audience other than merely through your playing/singing and get them on your side; and to start with something that's guaranteed to go well.

IMHO, of course.