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Posted By: Mbo
29-Aug-00 - 10:32 AM
Thread Name: Playing an Instrument-Good + Bad Days
Subject: RE: Playing an Instrument-Good + Bad Days
Personally, I can't stand any sort of water on my hands before playing. It softens up the callouses on my fingers, and they don't sound as well, and it hurts my fingers. I usually wait 10 minutes or so after washing my hands to play my guitar, or fiddle.

You're right hesp! Cold on your hands it horrible when trying to's like they're frozen. Also playing when hot is not good either. Your hands start to sweat, and just like the water, soften the callouses that then start to hurt.

When I did my Classical guitar final recital, I was so nervous. I think I could have handled a crowd, but there were only a handfull of folks there--all friends & relatives--but still not that many. I think that was daunting. I couldn't look at the people without messing up. That's why when I practise, I often stare at a blank piece of paper. It clears your mind, leaving you nothing to look at or concentrate on but the music. Especially when it's Villa-Lobos' Prelude No.4! At one point I had to apologise for a botched passage. My guitar teacher said he though I might cry! Also said he was more nervous than I was. Hard to believe that! BTW I don't think the bananas worked.

oh MAN it's FREEZING in here!