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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
12-Feb-10 - 03:48 AM
Thread Name: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Subject: RE: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
With clogs on, Flashmeister:-) But it was not really with what you may think! I thought I had just figured out the rules of this game but they were changed again. It is no longer anything that Lizzie says = humour; anything that anyone else says = lying bollocks. I think I have got it again now though.

This thread has stayed remarkably unmoderated and I now believe it is a concious decision. While all the bollocks is going on here, the rest of the world is safe from the ravages of the mad person. It seems to be working to a certain extent so let's keep it up. I have also spotted that 'winning' seems to be important to some, sad as it is, so let them have their deluded 'victories' if it makes them happy, while the rest of us get on with real life. Think of it as care in the community.

It's a pity that good performers have to take this type of nonsense but at least any remotely sane person can see what is going on. And it could be worse. She could be doing the same for real!