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Posted By: glueman
11-Feb-10 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Subject: RE: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
"Music fora are for exchanging information; they are not crazed fanzines"

If only that were true. Show me an upholder of the tradition and I'll show you a fan with good PR. What is the folk revival if not a fan forum?

Lizzie's is just an extreme version of a common malaise, you see her in yourselves which is why she scares you. I wouldn't open my curtains if SoH played in the garden but that's because I don't like middle aged men shouting polemic on subjects I can make my own mind up about, ta. I'm sure they are better than competent musicians, support the folk community and donate to their local cat's home. People need to remember their opinions have no objective reality, for or against.