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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
11-Feb-10 - 06:11 AM
Thread Name: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Subject: RE: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Add up how many posts were attacking me..and bob's yer answer, john. Until you've had blatant lies written down on here about you, which they know I'll respond to, you won't even start to understand.

Tell you what though, instead of making posts like that, why don't you post something about Show of Hands...

Say for instance.........

..that one in 5 shops in many of our towns are now empty. And that so many others are charity shops, who take over the High Streets....that people aren't even going to shops as they used, buying online instead...

Write about how Steve and Phil have been trying to get people to think about this for YEARS, encouraging folks to buy local produce, support their local shops, post offices...

Listen to The Cold Heart of England, or Country Life, or even Roots....then listen again to Arrogance Ignorance & Greed, and think of all the greedy councils who've bled shop owners dry, banks who no longer support small businesses, give out mortgages, or lend money at vast rates that people can't afford to repay...

In about ANYTHING to do with Show of Haands and leave me alone!


Got it?


And if you lot CANNOT rechannel your obsessive hatreds elsewhere, then again, perhaps it's best this thread is closed down.

And well done to Billy Bragg, but hey, I didn't see that on the news.
I didn't see it plastered all over the media, on the radio, primetime slots....


Because Billy would start a massive Rebellion, that's why! So the Powers That Be keep it away from the proles, whilst giving them ladeedadeeda music to listen to, to keep them happy and stop them from thinking..

And if you feel the overwhelming urge to purge your problems on me, stop...and read this instead...redirect your thoughs, just for once!

By Ann Onimus, John Boncore and Ron Bankley

United in fear we trade freedom, our prize for the Patriot Act as united we securitize
United in power over patriarchy, we misogynize
United in self-righteous arrogance, we imperialise
Untied in degenerate genital mutilation, we circumcise
United we consume and spend, and, united, we capitalize
United in greed we exploit, as united we multinationalize
United we commit economic suicide as, united, we globalise
United in beligerent violence, we waste trillions as, united, we militarize
United we massacre millions and think we're so brave, united we fantasize
United we bomb, destroy, maim, mass murder, slaughter and terrorize
United in massive denial we look the other way, as united, we atrocitize
United in 'might makes right', we dominate and, united, we hegemonize
United we pillage the third world and then, united, we moralize
United we covet their resources and, united, we monopolize
United in total denial we deny that, united, we brutalize
United we believe without question the star spangled propaganda our leaders so unceasingly televise
United we, so very obediently, swallow the many fabricated red white and blue lies
United we're so blind, with closed eyes except wide-eyed Ashcroft spies
And in the many resource rich countries that, united, we occupy and we colonize, and united we impoverish and victimize
Yet another corporate billion is pried and yet another heart broken mother cries and yet another star spangled bomb drops
And yet another innocent child heinously dies
Yet another example of united we collateralize
Just U.S. business as usual, as united we privatize
United we stand completely deranged
Global terrorist in our 'freedom and democracy' disguise
As united we stand apathetic and complicit in American terrorism
As united we turn on TV to de-sensitise
As united we stand in massive denial
As united we ignore the innocent pleas of the innocent ones we exterminate
As united we stand inanely pledging allegiance to the flag of facist terrorism
As their blood on it dries
As united we stand, surrendering our freedom to the real 'axis of evil' Corporation, CIA, and Military guise
As united we stand with our heads in the sand, as the American Fourth Reich is born
And freedom dies
As united we stand so comfortably numb and deniably dumb
That united we don't have sense to realise
That united we stand on the brink of the New World Order totalitarian police state
United we are so......Blind Ron Bankley's brilliant CD 'Insurgent Sun' where you can hear that very track, amongst many other superb and intelligent songs....and OPEN YOUR EYES!

Thank you!

Ron Bankley - Myspace

Bloody Yeesh!!!!!!!!!!