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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
09-Feb-10 - 08:54 PM
Thread Name: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Subject: RE: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
You know something, Joan, it ain't any of your business.

Now, if you'd like to write about Show of Hands music, then please, do. If you want to continue the usual obsessive crap, then go write it on your Facebook page.

Oh, and somewhere on Sam's sites there are some wonderful photos of a very young Albion Band. Were they stolen, pinched or filched from the net? Nope, they were SENT to Sam by the owner, who was gobsmacked at the amount of work and dedication he'd put into his sites and he wanted Sam to have his full permission to use those photos.   How do I know? Because I helped Sam put them on there, and I corresponded with the man concerned...

As to where the actual site is, I've no idea, because I could never get Sam to make a proper Index to his sites. He preferred for people to just stumble across them. I wanted them to be far easier to find, but heyho, they're his sites, and he does them the way he wants.

I have nothing but respect for the amount of hours he's put in to those pages, because I know how long they take to make. It is a life's work, and that work won't end until Sam is too old to sit at a computer. The pages will be there long after he has died, and that is what he wanted to do, to leave behind knowledge for people to discover.

Be as spiteful as you so choose. It only makes you look incredibly small in my eyes.

Thank you

And here is another...

Ashley Hutchings ' Sway With Me'