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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
09-Feb-10 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Subject: RE: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
so back off from drivelling on about twaddle, and read what I've might help.

That's the problem. I have read it and it is twaddle to me as well as the majority of others. I know you do not follow the 'rules' of English but surely you must be aware that 99% of people on this forum do follow standard grammar and reasoning and cannot fully understand YOUR rules. Folkiedave is wrong in saying that you should approach some music magazines. Not just now anyway. You need to realise that people will only see twaddle as long as you keep saying things the way you do.

It's fine to pick your own rules. Just don't expect everyone else to agree to play by them. Remember your own statement - Not everyone learns or thinks in the same way. You are in a small minority, Lizzie, and while everyone is happy for you to be there yuou cannot force anyone to join you in the same way that they cannot force you. There is not one rule for Lizzie and one for the rest of the world. If you cannot understand how the rest of the populace think or even abide by a common language then why should we be any different to you? Just think about it please.