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Posted By: GUEST,Ralphie
09-Feb-10 - 04:56 AM
Thread Name: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Subject: RE: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Irenes a Folkie
Irenes a Folkie!
Well, I'm pleased to say that I'm not!
I play Concertina, and what's worse, a Duet!
What i don't understand is why Lizzie is trying to preach to the converted? What is the point?
Most people on here have musical experiences the size of elephants!
There is no reason to dissect somebodys songwriting skills (or musical techniques)
All it needs is a simple, "Hey, check out the new recording by xxxxx, available from yyyyy, I think it's really good" or, "So and so has just put a great track up on YouTube here's a link"
Now, if people respect your opinion, they will indeed check it out. Nowt wrong with that. It's called dissemination of information.
With respect Lizzie, banging on and on about some bunch of Boysies (your words) that most of us have known about for years, really does no one any favours.
I'm genuinely pleased that you've embraced this genre of music, but, please stop ramming your enthusiasms down our throats.

So in future.
1 When you find a new (to you) solo artist/band whatever...
2 Alert people to their existence (with appropriate links to websites, etc)
3 Then let us go and find them for ourselves.
4 We all know how to use the internet. we are not stupid people, and I'm sure that people would appreciate such info. Case in point, On another thread someone posted a link to a Will Fly YouTube link, with the comment...."Check this guy out..."
So I did, and it's great.
5 It does not need huge splurges of gushiness from you. It's just off putting.

And I remember John Jones doing floor spots in Whitstable folk club, before Fiddlers Dram....(precursor to The Oysters.)

Finally...Men don't like being called "Boysies" in the same way that women don't like being called "Girlies".
Faux sexual drooling is not attractive for either gender.