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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
08-Feb-10 - 01:47 PM
Thread Name: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Subject: RE: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
And leveller, it would be good if just occasionally you did take sides...and started to remember what went on on the BBC board...

And as far as Flashmeister is concerned, don't worry, sunshine, I won't ever write about your music.

There is only one band who inspired me in that way, and it seems they have now gone under the radar that Ian Anderson erected, to keep them out. I'm glad Ian's finally seen the light, but I find the way it's been handled, with a sacrificial lamb, highly distateful, but heyho, that's life..and I hope Brad's happy with it.

"My newfound friendship with Show of Hands? Well, that probably was a bit more to do with you - Steve e-mailed me to apologise for the abuse I was getting from you on their behalf. It soon became apparent, not least from Phil's public message (which really was from him, no matter how many quote marks you put round his name), that they found you as unpleasant as I do, and your attentions not a little worrying."

Thanks, but I'd rather hear it direct from Show of Hands if they think I'm unpleasant.

As I pointed out to Phil, who, as I recall from his letter, seemed to be a little worried that he'd met me 'the other night at a gig', I haven't seen them on stage since they did their Royal Albert Hall gig, over 2 years back. I have also never spoken to them, never had anything signed by them, never even bought a CD from them. In short, I have always stayed right away from Steve and Phil, despite numerous Longdogs trying to get me to go and say hello.

I have also never written anything nasty about their music, or about the men themselves, nor have I panted over them, or decorated my house in photos of them. And the ONLY negative thing I've ever said about one of their songs is in this thread...because it's a weak, wobbly song, not up to standard.

This new campaign, you know, the one where now...I'm apparently 'stalking' them, is just....well.....what can I say? I mean what the fuck are you all on about?

I brought people into their music, you'll see it on some of the old threads on here....and I had many people write to me on Myspace about that. That is all I have ever wanted to do, apart from deal with bloody bullies who inhabit this board and the BBC board, who went out of their way to slag Show of Hands off, to try and ruin their career and say deeply personal things about them.

Most people were frightened off by those who ruled the BBC boards..and this one too. I wasn't. From the moment I first ever wrote on a messageboard, anywhere on the internet, I was attacked, purely for liking the music of a band that the traditionalists wanted to annhilate from messageboards. I learned to fight, damned hard...I put up with absolute shite being hurled at me...and I learned to throw it back. It was the most bizarre SIX years of my life...but throughout it all, I kept the light burning for Show of Hands, because I KNEW that people were watching the boards, just as I knew they'd come over to Longdogs and find their music there, which is why the 'Whacko's Corner' thread lasted so long and was so well supported by me....Even Steve and Phil were reading that, so I heard, along with the Radio 2 board at times....

Geez, talk to Sally Tams about it, see what she has to say...

People used to tune in BECAISE of Diane and I, and whilst we were both hurling witty comments back and forth, we also both knew that people would be coming to that board and learning stuff about traditional music, as well as Show of Hands too.

Whether you guys liked it or not, I became a master at thinking up threads about them..and it drove you all nuts! Of course, when you all imploded and sat round your cauldrons, you decided the best option was to moan to the lads themselves, stir it all up, make them SEE how I was er...damaging..their career.

I did no such thing.

I brought people TO their music, not the other way around, just as I brought people to Ralph's music.

I know...I KNOW that I can write the backsides of you lot if I want to, because sometimes, some people's music touches me in a way it NEVER touches you...and I only have to put their music on, in my headphones, and picture after picture, film after film, will come out through my fingertips.

It drove you all barmy.


My brain thinks fucking differently to yours, and there's not a day that goes past when I don't thank God for that, because if this music made me as mean, crotchety, unpleasant, biased, suppressive, bitchy, paranoid and downright buggered up, I'd want to WEEP!!!!

As it is, I hear Jim Causley's show and my kitchen becomes filled with colours! Instantly I see Kate Rusby back at Sidmouth, singing 'Underneath the Stars' that night of the last ever International Festival....I can recall every colour at the Royal Albert Hall, every movement on that stage, the way the audience reacted that night, the crowds, the traffic, the smell in the air that Easter weekend...I can still FEEL the sun on my face......

All you have EVER done is tell me to shut up, to write YOUR way, to think YOUR way, to only write about the music you love.

Well tough shite! I loved the music of Show of Hands...NOT the men, the music, because it was hugely important to me at that time in my life, when my daughter almost gave up on life because of a crappy education system..and I started to open my eyes bigtime!!! Show of Hands made me open them even more...

And if they are now surrounded by crappy people who tell them that they should distance themselves from me bigtime, then all I can tell them is that they are bloody well listening to the wrong people.

IF they have finally given in to you lot, purely because that is the ONLY way they will be accepted in the traddy world, then it shows me what a controlling, crappy world the English folk world is...ruled by bossy buggers who insist that you play by the rules.

I have no rules...

And that letter from Phil ONLY arrived because I made a funny remark about Walter Pardon. The fact that I helped to create a site about Walter was completely overlooked in the insane rage that befell you all.


Does it make you all feel really good that you've managed to kill off the joy of English folk music for me? Is that really what is inside your souls???? Because if it is, and if Show of Hands have really decided to stand beside you all, then I shake my head in bewilderment at two men who once used to stand on stage makiing jokes about the traddie world and all who sailed in her.

Shite, they don't need YOU, they never have. They don't need me either, but to make out that I've damaged their career is total shite.

And ask yourselves this..because it's a question NONE of you have ever answered....WHY, when you all tell me what crap I write do you read EVERY SINGLE WORD and then erupt about it all? Surely you must realise that NO-ONE, apart from yourselves, would ever bother to read a word I write...Right???????


You guys KNOW that people read my words and it keeps you all up nights, because you're so up your own arses with telling people how to behave that you can't BEAR anyone to disobey you, let alone someone who loves the music you hate!

Well, tough bloody shite!

Why don't you all take a leaf from the Americans and Canadians on this site, because they are all so pleasant...but nope, you lot have to have competitions to see who can get the nastiest comment in the most times...


English Folk Music has been damaged for way too long by those who surround it, who have surrounded me for six years..It will never reach it's full potential under those circumstances.

AND...I'm STILL waiting for you to write about the music of your new 'friends'....So far, this is ALL that has been written about them, from a long time back, on the BBC board...

>>>>Message 41 - posted by joaniecrumpet (U3891679) , Dec 22, 2006

Your wall can't be that effective, Lizzie - I got in. And shagged the chairman.

And I'd rather have pins in me eyes than sit through A SoH gig. Sue me.<<<<<