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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
30-Jan-10 - 08:14 PM
Thread Name: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Subject: RE: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
"Of course Vaughan was polite when he responded to your e-mails. That's his job. But he told me this summer that he dearly hoped, with Phil's public statement, that they'd finally heard the last from you. I told him not to bank on it."

Vaughan was very nice to me when I told him he had some BNP blokes on the Show of Hands page a while back now. He did drive me bats though by refusing to play full Show of Hands tracks on their Myspace page, or alter the tracks. It's why I never played a Show of Hands track on my Myspace page ("What?" they all said, in shocked surprise)...because I won't ever play samples of a track. If people want their music heard, then let it BE heard, don't snippet and snappet it. Bad move on his part.

"Steve also e-mailed me last year to apologise for the abuse I was getting from you in their "defense". Which was nice, as we've since become quite friendly."

No surprises there then.. ;0) And it was very gracious of him to do so, after you'd said you'd rather stick pins in your eyes than listen to their music. It's amazing, ain't it, how popular you can become when you start to be the artistist director of Sidmouth Festival...and when you know Dashing Derek too... ;0)

I do hope that you were equally gracious to Steve for your rude and insensitive remarks about his music...and that you've learnt never to do that to any artist again.

"It is very clear that the whole of the Show of Hands team would be very happy if you would simply leave them alone."

Er....I do leave them alone, dinkums. And, for your information, it was me who zapped their pages from mine...but again, that was a strange one, because if they loathed me as much as you state, then why did Phil allow me on his Chudleigh Roots page and Steve on his solo page, let alone Vaughan on the Show of Hands page....and if you ever took the trouble to notice, I never left messages on their pages, nor embarrassed the hell out of them on Myspace in any way..

I did write a very extensive review of their Royal Albert Hall gig, but removed it, despite the lovely comments I had on there from people who were there at the gig, or had missed it and felt they were 'almost there' after reading it and seeing those smashing photos that were taken of the evening...

"But if you persist in embarrassing yourself in this manner, I guess there's little to stop you, save a restraining order."

Eh? Hang on a mo.....I'm not embarrassed, but you're trying your best to do that to me...

Time to bring in 'guest eliza' and 'guest phil' again, I fact, let's not stop there, let's bring in 'guest steve' and 'guest vaughan' 'guest miranda' and 'guest brad'....

Although, Brad's a strange happening, 'cos I heard it was Brad who made the Sidmouth Gestapo video...and he was the only person in Myspace who ever refused to be a 'friend' on my page...out of over 1,000 people...which is kinda weird..

Anyways oops...I'll leave you to froth at the mouth in here now, whilst ignoring 'guest ralph' totally.

I'm off to bed...