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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
29-Jan-10 - 07:00 PM
Thread Name: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
Subject: RE: Show Of Hands - over the top?-Arrogance, Ignorance
OK, and in honour of the Good Times, let's get this thread really rockin', 'cos if you don't mind me saying, Show of Hands new 'fans' within the Traddie world are absolutely bloody useless at supporting them.

So here goes....

Yeah, I watched the video....and I thought it was great!

Hear No Evil, See No Evil and definitely Speak No Evil set about plastering London in AIG posters, whilst following the Wankerbankers into their London watering holes where we see them living their idle lives, throwing back the booze, ordering the rich meals...walking the City streets with their bulging briefcases, on their way home to their opulent lifestyles.

And as they go through the gates of their luxury homes, putting their car in the garage, cars which cost more than 'we' earn in a year, they laugh....Laugh at all of us peasants, who have been practically bankrupted.

We sit out on the streets, homes lost, jobs lost, families lost, hope lost......

Hear No Evil
See No Evil
Speak No Evil

It is as if we have all taken a Silent Pill, one that renders us helpless from coherent, rational thought! We have all been so blind, so deaf, so damned dumb!

Even now, whilst these bastards are STILL paying themselves vast bonuses, putting two fingers up to the very people who have bailed them out, we still refuse to hear the evil, see the evil, speak about the evil!

We are all going to bloody hell on a bloody handcart here and WHAT is happening?????? WHAT are we doing???????????????????

Well, I'll tell you what we're doing!


I have recently spoken to those from local TV and Radio and Newspapers and not one of the bastards has an OUNCE of courage to print the truth!

"We hear what you say, Lizzie, but....we can't let that out on air, because we may get sued."

"We hear what you say, Lizzie, but....we can't put that in the paper because we may get sued."


You CANNOT be sued for telling the TRUTH!!

When did Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak Of No Evil take over our lives?

When did Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed BECOME a way of life that is deemed acceptable???????

How do we keep voting in Cutthroats, Crooks and Conmen, time after time??

Someone, somewhere, sometime, has to stand up and SEE the evil, HEAR the evil, SPEAK about the evil....

Show of Hands are trying their damndest to get that message out, and it is up to each and every one of US to ensure they do. It's up to every radio presenter, regardless of his political leanings, his folk leanings, his Lizzie leanings to get off his backside and stop playing songs about larks in the morning and put this song on time after time after time!

And do I think this video is over the top?????

Are you bloody kidding me, taddyladdy????

This video is as excellent as Country Life and Roots and should be spread right across everyone's Facebook page en masse so that it makes into the major papers...

"Arrogance, Ignorance & Greed Revolt Hits Facebook BIGTIME!"

WE are the ONLY ones who can change what is going on around us, not our politicians for they are as crooked as the bankers. But it is the Corporate Bastards who rule this world and it is going to take the whole damn world united to stand up them, such is the Absolute Power they now have.

And THAT is the power of Show of Hands songs! And that is why Mr. Phil Beer shot himself in the foot, because Phil, whether you and Steve like it or not, your music, your songs have always had a bloody powerful effect on my mind, which connects with the subjects in your songs, because they are the very things that mean so damned much to me!

So I take back my promise of never writing about your music again, because this message needs to get out and get out BIGTIME!

And as to the posters? Was the bill sticking OTT? No, of course it bloody wasn't, in fact, they should ensure that those posters find their way onto the walls of every single bank in this country!