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Posted By: johnadams
28-Jan-10 - 11:51 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS cock-up
Subject: RE: EFDSS cock-up
The writings of the exalted bourgeois antiquarians are not the interesting bit of what's published - it's the music of and the information about the ordinary people that they visited, mainly at their own expense, that is important. The work that the exalted bourgeois antiquarians did pre-dates mass recording capability and therefore more effectively represents the richness of the old repertoire.

Although I am a keen audio archivist (and the director of a vast audio archive), I think that audio recordings as a source often tend to set the songs in stone far more than written sources. Listening to the young performers in particular, you can often tell which recording they've learned from. When they've worked from texts and picked and mixed and found a nice tune and put it all together, the freshness shows.

For my money it's recordings for learning style but then apply that style to the work of the exalted bourgeois antiquarians, or at least the rich legacy they painstakingly put together for us.

That said, I'm certainly not against having the EFDSS sound library accessible and it may all have been included in the recent National Sound Archive project - I'm not sure.