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Posted By: Bat Goddess
28-Jan-10 - 06:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon's Medical Woes - Winter 2010
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon's Medical Woes - Winter 2010
Sorry I didn't post here yesterday afternoon or evening. When I got home from a delightful lunch with Tom, I was just too sleepy to be social or communicative.

Tom's morning started up with a bit of a cock up at Wentworth-Douglass. He got there between 8 & 8:15 for his 8:30 procedure -- keep in mind, he had to be back at Dover Rehab for his next antibiotic treatment less than 4 hours later. He was ignored for 45 minutes. Then the techs said no one had told THEM that he had a schedule to adhere to. (Of course, no one in scheduling/reminding knew the day before that he was at Dover Rehab, not at home.) Anyway, he got it all accomplished -- not a "regular" stress test, but with dye injected and pictures taken. I'll let him explain it if necessary.

I got to Rehab at 1:00 just as he was finishing up with the treatment and we headed off to Durham (in his car, so I wouldn't have to clean out my car's passenger seat filing system yet again; can't find my ice scraper from LAST time!) because Tom wanted a Chinese fix at China Buffet (a cafeteria-style, plentiful and inexpensive restaurant in Durham, which is home of the University of New Hampshire). Alas, since we'd last been there, it had morphed into Mei Wei ("Fine Asian Cuisine -- Grill - Sushi - Bar). had a weekday lunch buffet for which we were just in time. What a difference in the place, though, from personality-less hall with ranks of tables chockablock to each other and faded posters of China on the walls to rich, dark wood and walls, upholstered booths, a forest of "lucky bamboo", etcet. Mei Wei had only been there since December. The buffet was sparse compared to its predecessor, but Tom said it was the best General Tso's Chicken he'd ever had. Everything else was really good, too, even though we'd come in right at the end of the buffet. Nice flavor of ginger in several dishes, the dumplings were wonderful (wish there had been more of them -- earlier next time!).

It was a lovely "date" with my darlin' -- really looking forward to having him home on Saturday. His last antibiotic treatment is, I think, on Friday. On Saturday they'll remove the PICC and release him; don't know what time.

Came home and built a fire in the stove as the sun had disappeared and it was getting chilly. Took the opportunity to sweep the debris off the deck that had been under the ice that melted in the past few days. (Usually it's March that I hate -- when the whole world looks as if it needs to be scrubbed down.) Earlier in the day, when I took the trash up to the road for pickup, I looked for snowdrops on the bank on my way back down the driveway. No, I didn't really expect them in January, but the day was warm and sunny, the driveway muddy and the moss on the bank quite green.

Talked to Tom later in the evening. He had actually been visited by Dr. Thompson, his primary care doctor. (I'm impressed -- I know he's overworked at Avis-Goodwin, which is a Community Health organization.) He'd spoken with Tom's regular cardiologist and with Dr. Zeitels, too, and talked to Tom about radiation if he can't have the rest of the surgery. I know how both Tom and I feel about radiation is colored by Kendall's experience, but Dr. T explained (as had Dr. Z) that radiation has come a long way since then. And it actually has a better chance of totally iradicating the cancer than the laser surgery (something like 97% to 85%). I also had a phone message from the surgical coordinator at Dr. Oram's (vascular) office -- she faxed his report to Dr. Zeitels' office yesterday, too.

Dr. Thompson also reminded Tom that no matter what happens, his voice is not going to be what it was before. And what he DOES get back is going to require a lot of work on both Tom's and Dr. Z's part. I just think, though, that between Tom's determination and Dr. Zeitels' skill, they've got a pretty decent chance. I DO believe in miracles!

Whatever happens, I have confidence that everything will turn out for the best. In my experience, even if what happens looks totally black, at some point in the future, it turns out to be the best thing that could have happened.