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Posted By: The Borchester Echo
28-Jan-10 - 06:53 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS cock-up
Subject: RE: EFDSS cock-up
Yes, I'm all in favour of digitising amd making available the Sound Library of field recordings featuring real musicians over and above the largely irrelevant and indeed counter-productive "jottings of a few exalted bourgeois antiquarians". However, there is a danger of confusing different projects and sources of funding here. For instance the dosh to make necessary (sometimes required by law) improvements to the building is nothing whatsoever to do with the funding for Take Six, for example. The trouble with threads like this, fuelled as it is by inaccurate Daily Mail twisted half truths, is that people rant about their personal prejudices loud and long without being arsed to look up the freely available information about what is being done, how and why.