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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
24-Jan-10 - 06:08 AM
Thread Name: Songs You Can't Sing for Crying
Subject: Songs You Can't Sing for Crying
This was touched on (perhaps) in the Big Boys Ballads thread, but as no ballad has ever made me choke up with tears whilst singing it (the occasional lump in the throat perhaps) I thought it might be worth a thread on its own.

Time was, I could never get through Bellamy's setting of Danny Deever without cracking up; lately its been Ford O' Kabul River, which I've re-imagined as a doddering old colonel, circa 1960, in his dotage, thinking back to the events of that fateful night in 1879 - about the only thing he can remember, vividly, as he sits by his roaring fire in his crumbling country pile, whilst without the storms roar and the England he fought for steadily goes to the dogs...

The worst one, however, is Hamish Henderson's Banks of Sicily - this never fails to make me a blubbering wreck, stiff upper lip and all, in its depictions of the essential humanity that arises in situations of unimaginable (for me) adversity.

All war songs. Odd that.

What's yours?