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Posted By: Bat Goddess
21-Jan-10 - 10:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon's Medical Woes - Winter 2010
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon Fell -- On Way to Hospital
The defibrillator battery is scheduled to be changed at York Hospital on Feb. 18th. Tom has his defibrillator read and this schedule firmed up the day before he landed in Wentworth-Douglass. And he'll have been sprung from his incarceration at Dover Rehab well before that time.

Talked to Kim in Dr. Z's office and things seem well under control, although they're still trying to touch base with Dr. Ettinger, the cardio guy at W-D because he saw Tom last -- for the signoff on Tuesday's surgery.

The wash is in the dryer, Rufus's claws trimmed (after he poked one through my hand), festival crisis attended to & papers gathered, more wood brought in, some more of Tom's papers looked through. As he says, most of those piles get shredded. I just wish he'd do that on a regular basis so I don't get stuck trying to make heads or tails out of his filing system. Got some errands to do on the way to work, but I hope to actually be there "on time" (by which I mean my usual 15-20 minutes early) for a change. My boss is great.

Just got a call from Tom's cardiologist's nurse. I just gave her a whole bunch of info she should have had -- she seems exceptionally competent, too, and is now going to call Tom directly.

I have a lot more confidence right now that nothing is going to interfere with Tom's vocal cord surgery Tuesday morning. I just need to know some of the logistics as soon as possible so I can plan, but, I suppose, worse comes to worse, I should have no problem walking into the Holiday Inn Beacon Hill and getting a room for Monday night. Since Tom has to be at Mass General at 6 a.m. Tuesday, I'm sure he'll be brought down from Dover Rehab sometime on Monday.

Boy, so I need a vacation!!! Reminds me of after Tom's heart surgery in 2004 and I kept saying I was scheduling a nice, neat Teutonic nervous breakdown for August -- it never happened, of course. By August I was working a temp job with all the overtime I could stand (it was our only income for the year) and then scrambling for another job, the WORKING the high stress other job... My vacation, I fear, will just remain a fantasy (but a really nice fantasy).