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Posted By: wysiwyg
09-Jan-10 - 10:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Multicultural Competence
Subject: RE: BS: Multicultural Competence
Here is an example of multicultural competencies of various, relative degrees. It's an example of how one might choose to share historical material referencing a period that had not yet grown, ethically, to understand "class" and "race" issues in the same way they are now "better" understood. (It's all relative, see?)

(In the Spirituals permathread, I have often found myself in that same position, as do many other Mudcatters posting songs that reference sexist and other "now known to be wrong" attitudes, such as the MJH song "Nobody's Business But My Own").

So here's the "enlightened" audiobook-reader's summary of an autobiographical account of the Old West frontier life of the US; the woman who wrote the autobiography is enlightened for HER time:

Her letters, chatty and detailed, open windows on varied aspects of frontier and army life: army protocol (including the right of senior officers to bump subordinates out of their housing); the Indian tribes--Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Apache, Kiowa (ceremonial visits from chiefs as well as Indian warfare); the black cavalry troops (at Camp Supply in Indian Territory); Chinese cooks (also Polish, Irish, and enlisted men doing kitchen duty). Her letters span years of rapid change in the West. They touch on the disappearance of the buffalo herds, the decline of the Indian tribes and the coming of the railroads.

To the concrete-minded folks who've often been so frustrated with me-- sorry, I don't "do" concrete, but I do respect your way of thinking.