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Posted By: Desert Dancer
08-Jan-10 - 12:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Multicultural Competence
Subject: RE: BS: Multicultural Competence
Wow. What a lot of reactionary reaction, and righteous bristling at academic language. I think there's a lot of good stuff there.

Prof. Byram's definition gets at being able to see others as they see themselves, as well as understanding how they see us.

In the second paragraph about the conference theme, "the third place" or "third culture" is about this ability to step outside of one's personal point of view.

:: "Globalization, having brought individuals in contact with one another at an unprecedented scale, has also brought forth a general challenge to traditionally recognized boundaries of nation, language, race, gender, and class." ~ I'd add religion to the list

:: "The challenge moves in two directions simultaneously: on the one hand, distinctions that were unnoticeable before have been rendered visible..." ~ paraphrasing part of this: it's easy to assume people see things the way we do

:: "...and in the opposite direction, similarities across traditional boundaries have been recognized." ~ again paraphrasing: at the same time, we may have more in common than we realize

:: "..."third place" or "third culture," a sphere of interculturality that enables language students to take an insider's view..." ~ the ability to see others as they see themselves, as well as we and to integrate that with our own perspectives on them

:: " well as an outsider's view..." ~and see ourselves as others see us, as well as being able to objectively look at ourselves

It's all stuff that is basic to good human interaction, just more difficult -- challenging, and thus requiring more thought and effort -- as we move outward from our own family/community/culture.

Is all that so bad??

~ Becky in Tucson