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Posted By: wysiwyg
05-Jan-10 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Multicultural Competence
Subject: RE: BS: Multicultural Competence
I saw Azizi's post a couple of hours ago.

It brought up a lot of feelings.

The willingness (from old intentionalities as well as current priorities) to feel them...

... and the ability (from years of inner work on same) to continue thinking through them...

led me to what I hope is a fruitful reflection.

I'm going to hit just the "bullet points" of that reflection, and I invite anyone who wishes to explore those further to PM (NOT POST HERE), so that perhaps this thread may not be totally deflected from its stated purpose.

Think One was, "I'm so sorry Azizi saw that [emotion]-inducing post, though I think I understand Garg's comment differently than she did.... I wonder if she knows how MANY such comments have been removed from this forum before she ever saw them, or that at least one of the (totally volunteer) mods has been on reduced MudTime of late due to health concerns.... whether she knows she saw that one un-remarked comment purely by chance.... whether the post is still there to be seen.... what will be done about it since I KNOW Garg has been specially-watched here for many, MANY years...."

Think Two was, "Oh! I'm not aware that Mudcat HAS any "protected classes.... in the 3D world of legalism they exist... in Max's MudWorld a higher value operates, I think...."

Think Three was, "All I am accountable for (can control/want to influence) at this moment in this thread is myself. MY responsibility (higher priority) is my own work beyond Mudcat in the 3D World, which (in small part) depends upon the cogent progress of this very thread."

Think Four was, "And that depends upon (the current state TODAY of) my own (still-evolving) multicultural competence (according to the meaning under which "I" understand that term in "my" circles)."

Think Five was, "Thank God I'm still learning!


So I guess that's "my" teaching moment for this thread.