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Posted By: gnu
29-Dec-09 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bobert's Stoner Christmas Story...
Subject: RE: BS: Bobert's Stoner Christmas Story...
"Room hits" were the norm. Moving furniture... best I ever saw was one time a lad was in the NEXT room and his furniture was moved.

Then, there was always the garbage can leaned up against the door full of water (and, sometimes, including "punchies" from the computer room cards).

Saw a room filled with snow. Saw one filled with crinkled newspaper.

Worst... a mackeral place on the fins of the heater. Took the lads two days to decide to remove the cowling and look.

I NEVER had a room hit in five years. I left my door unlocked. I jammed the passage set and plumbed the door so that it could just be pushed open and would shut on it's own.

Odd the things you recall that mean sommat to you and nowt to anyone else. >;-)