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Posted By: gnu
26-Dec-09 - 01:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bobert's Stoner Christmas Story...
Subject: RE: BS: Bobert's Stoner Christmas Story...
Back then, and even today I suppose but not so much due to the new tech, it was common for boats to run in and quickly dump a load of weed off the Bay of Fundy coast using an old lobster poaching trick.

If ya know the depth and ya know the tide, you know how long the rope should be so that the buoy is submersed at all times. This is even more important when you have the highest tides in the world. Have a boo at the vid.

So, a buddy of mine used ta live in Alma. He had a fishin boat and he was a good ol boy times 11. Rough and tough as they come... joined the RCN at 15 on accounta he didn't like school. Soon found out that 8 hours on deck and 4 hours a "school" EVERY day was worse, but it paid off in the long run.

Anyway, one day, he was checkin a pot (yeah, I know... that's two) and seen this here green buoy. Not his pot but it was his spot. Even poachers have some honour - and some common sense, especially when yer infringin on the spot of someone who just don't take no shit on principle.

So, he latches on and starts the winch. WTF? The old girl listed about 4 and the winch strained. Hell of a go. And there it was. Not a hope a gettin that aboard with the pot winch (that one don't count). So, he swings the davit and uses the chain hoist... and full to Cape Enrage.

He cut the thing open and it was Black hash. Can you say, "rich."? And, then, "dead"? Back to where he got it, over it went, and straight to the dock.

He told me that story in 1985 when I worked with him on a construction job in Labrador.

In 1978, a buddy of mine told me that he knew wehere ya could buy Black hash fer $5 a g, 2 fer $7! After a taste, we being prudent shoppers, the lads in the residence pooled our money and bought a quarter. Best damn hash I ever smoked. Better n Leb Blond. It was so cheap on accounta it had a real funny smell. Kinda like Shediac Bay at low tide in July.

We nicknamed it Seaweed.

No shit! (3)